Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Sort of things that makes me happy. (1) Sits on a park bench and surrounded by flowers. (2) Watching music performance (3) The scent of rain on dry earth. (4) Cute flat shoes. (5) The smell of sea water and sound of rolling sea waves. (6) Going to amusement park. (7) Staring the sun sets from my bedroom window. (8) Walking in gentle rain. (9) Eats -Indonesian-hot (as in spicy) foods. :)

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arshann said...

ah i really want to follow this blog, but i don't find any follow button :(

Leny said...

Hey Arshann, over the past week, I've quietly redesigned this blog and forgot to put the follow button. But hey look, I just put the follow button at the top. Thanks for asking ☻

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