One Day Trip: Kherkhof, Kuipir, Onrust

Saya mau CLBK sejenak *Cerita lama bersemi kembali* *halah :P*. Ini cerita one day trip saya beberapa bulan yang lalu bareng temen-temen Nol derajat Indonesia, ke Pulau Kelor, Cipir, dan Onrust. Biayanya ga mahal2, cukup Rp100.000 lebih dikit.

Lie to Me

Image source from here. Digital imaging by me
Just finished watch this romantic-comedy k-drama. I like Yoon Eun Hye role in this drama. She's just too cute (and clumsy) to be true!! Well, my rate is 6,5/10. The story is so predictable and quite boring. Read Lie to Me sinopsis in here


Happy Saturday

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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams
Live the life you’ve imagined
Henry David Thoreau


The Immaturity of Me :P

I felt so lucky saw this guy couple weeks ago. If you a K-dramas junkie, you must be known THAT MAN! Yeah, I met Hyun Bin oppa, girls! Binnie visited Indonesia and stays in Jakarta from October 4 'till 6. He came here not to bring us "that man" live or set up a meet and greet fans, but as a Ambassador to Indonesia Korea Defense Industry. Here are some photos I took at Marine Corps, Cilandak - Jakarta.


An Awkward Glance

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Yay!!! Finally I made a blog (again)!!!! Yippie!!!
Just don't expect too much about this blog.... hehehe.....
Since I'm busy procrastinating, I'll probably update this blog not quite often.
Okeriooo!!! Welcome!! Happy reading :D