Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Good morning, Folks! For this week’s challenge I used my camera phone with little bit touch of Photoshop ☺. Knowing the theme of this week's "hands," I immediately took the marker and draw a watch on my wrist. The idea comes from You're Very, Very Late tattoo watch by Julia Rothman. Those tattoo are cute!

Oh by the way, have a beautiful weekend! (:

Enjoy this song


Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Helloooo... sorry for the absence.
I've been so busy for past two weeks. Deadlines at work really destroy my moods for blogging. So I'm back with Weekly Photo Challenge ☻. Theme for this week fits me because I just go back from Pulau Tidung last weekend. I have so many "blue" pictures. Here are some...

Pulau Tidung just two hours out from Jakarta
Journey starts from Muara Angke. Maybe it's one of gross harbor in the world. The water is black and sting!
Tanker and the fishermen.
Like a boss... ☺
Snorkeling and riding the banana boat.
Ouchhh!! what happened with his/her leg? :(
What makes Pulau Tidung famous? Yes!! That bridge which connects Pulau Tidung Besar and Pulau Tidung Kecil.
The photographer's feet. Mine ☺