"Pin" to the "Hole"

If you really into photography, you should make a PINHOLE CAMERA!
If Lomography has golden rule “Don’t think just shoot”, you can’t apply that to pinhole. You should think! Hehehe. Because a pinhole camera requires a lengthy exposure, and its shutter operated manually. Theoretically, making the aperture is little bit tricky, but practically it’s not that too hard. Just ignore the formula!
Here are two pinhole cameras I made :)

Top: Ovaltine Pinhole Cam; Below: Nekko Pinhole Cam

Photos from Ovaltine pinhole cam
Photos from Nekko pinhole cam

I got pinhole cam pattern from dippold, but there’s a lot more pattern out there. FYI, each year on the last Sunday on April, held the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. The next Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is on Sunday, April 29, 2012. Anyone can participate! Here's the rules.

"You don't need an expensive camera to catch the beauty"
-- Me :P

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