Cute Finds

Hi. How was your weekend? I didn't do much this weekend. I went to the mall on Saturday and bought these cute stuffs. While today it's been raining almost all day, so I had no choice than staying at home and doing some commission works. 
Here we go, these are my cute finds . . . .

Mini Colosseum snow globe
Kolner Dom and British flag cans
Luggage pencil case
Hiragana magnetic board
British book stand
My friend gave me these sugar sticks. The packaging is cuter than common sugar stick I've known :)

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Belinda Regina said...

oooooooooo .... coffeee ,i love i love i love it

Leny Latifah said...

Hiyaa.. me too! kaleng itu cuma ada satu di tokonya dan udah agak penyok, tapi karena patternnya oke yah dibeli saja.. :)

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